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Skeeter Dude is a team of mosquito experts serving Northeast Pennsylvania, and are ready to rid your home or office of unwanted mosquitos no matter how big or small the problem may be.

We offer field tested mosquito extermination methods that are proven to get the job done.

We also offer maintenance programs that make sure you will not have any problems throughout the year.

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Mosquitos aren’t just a nuisance; they can be very dangerous. Over the past few years, concern has grown over mosquito bites and the possible diseases that may result from them.

Also, they can be annoying pests to deal with. If you are experiencing an increase of mosquitoes near your home, here are some FAQ about mosquitos and how to protect against them.


Wedding & Special Event Treatments

If you are planning a special outdoor event and do not want uninvited, biting pests to ruin your occasion, then hiring The Skeeter Dude to perform a One Time Special Treatment that will save the day!


Monthly BarrierTreatment

Our technicians will survey your property and use methods best suited for you when treating mosquitoes and ticks. We do not only use a fogger but also treat the areas where you need protection the most and place larvicides in areas of standing water preventing new mosquitoes from hatching. Our method of treatment and the products we use treat pesky ticks in addition to mosquitoes. This solution is also a great commercial mosquito control option for businesses and restaurants.


Acreage & Neighborhood Treatments

The Skeeter Dude Acreage & Neighborhood Program controls mosquitoes and ticks on a broad scale throughout your neighborhood.


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